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Carpet Factory

The Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre is situated within what was once the famous Killybegs Carpet Factory. The Heritage Centre is home to the largest hand-knotted loom in the world. You will see live demonstrations of weaving of the hand-knotted carpets, a chance to meet and talk with one of the few hand-weavers remaining in this part of the country, and enjoy a step-by-step account of how each carpet is individually designed and produced. You are taught the unique craft of hand-knotting, and have the opportunity to try their skills at one of the hand-looms on display in the Factory

 Donegal Carpets

For over a century, Donegal Carpets has produced some of the world’s most exclusive hand-knotted carpets. Our work has graced establishments such as Dublin Castle, the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, Eltham Palace, and the U.S. White House. The name of Donegal has become synonymous with fine craftsmanship in carpet manufacture, and Donegal carpets have been a favoured choice of designers and architects worldwide for over one hundred years.

One of the original carpets produced in the Donegal Carpet Factory, now on display at the Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre, Co. Donegal

Donegal Carpets still creates exclusive bespoke carpets in the original factory at Killybegs. Now for the first time in our history, we are also producing hand-knotted carpets abroad. We are pleased to announce the introduction of our design collections, now available through design centres and retail galleries worldwide. These carpets are RUGMARK-certified free of child labour and available in standard sizes (5×7/5×8, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, and 10×14), with custom sizes and colours available.

Bespoke Hand-Knotted Area Rugs

When we consider hand-knotted carpets, the names of Savonnerie, Axminster, Wilton, and Donegal are written in the annals of history. Of these venerable companies, Donegal Carpets stands alone: Today, the Donegal Carpet Factory at Killybegs is the only place in western Europe where hand-knotted carpets are still made. The Canadian pitch-pine looms in the factory are the same looms that produced carpets for Queen Victoria more than a century ago.

Donegal Carpets have built our reputation on the finest craftsmanship in carpet manufacture, and Donegal Carpets have been a favoured choice of designers and architects worldwide for over one hundred years. Our record speaks for itself: Our carpets have been found in places as diverse as Dublin Castle, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and Mishref Palace in Kuwait, to name just a few.

The unique qualities of excellence incorporated in each and every Donegal hand-knotted carpet invest it with characteristics more often associated with works of art than with craft products. Whether the design is a traditional Donegal design or a pattern devised specifically for a client, it is lovingly brought to life in the pile, which founder Alexander Morton enthused, stood like pearls. Using skills handed down from generation to generation, we continue to produce spectacular examples of our craft using only the finest specially selected wools, giving our rugs a look and feel of understated elegance.

In the past few years, Donegal Carpets have sold at auction for $80,000-120,000. The bespoke carpets we produce today are made on the same looms, and by descendents of the original weavers.