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Events & Exhibitions

Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre offers a friendly welcome to the casual visitor and the dedicated historian/researcher. Special events and workshops are arranged from time to time on specific topics related to the life and work in Donegal South West over the past hundred years or so. Please contact us for information about upcoming events or to arrange any special workshops.

Topics on which Killybegs International Carpet Making & Fishing Centre holds material include all aspects of the fishing industry and it’s importance to Killybegs and South West Donegal hinterland. Exhibitions include;

Boat building and design / net making / marine engineering / marine hydraulics / marine electronics / life-saving equipment / working conditions at sea / safety and accident prevention in the industry / the importance of training, etc.)

The Manufacture of Hand-knotted Carpets in Donegal (including designs / techniques / customers, etc.)

Killybegs Industrial School (1898 – 1939)

The Army in Killybegs (1939 – 1945)

Refugees (1945 – 46)

St. Columba’s TB Sanitorium (1947 – 1967)

Killybegs Tourism College (1969 – )

Talks on various aspects of life and work in this area can be arranged with historians and people with first-hand knowledge or family involvement. We welcome your requests and suggestions.


Exhibitions are held from time to time of some of the vast archive of local material, including:

Carpets and rugs manufactured in Killybegs

Collections of local photographs

Examples of work and materials associated with the local fishing industr