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Enjoy a fascinating insight into the history of one of the largest fishing fleets in Ireland, and take a journey into the past via audiovisual and listen to the experiences of some of the Killybegs fishermen who give their own personal account of life in bygone days.

Did you know?

The first training academy to train fishermen in the art of net making, boat building, seamanship and fishing was set up 1891.

The first boat was built in Killybegs in 1899

There were 28 boats centred at Killybegs in 1963

From that time Killybegs grew to be the largest fishing port in Ireland

The Atlantic Dawn was the largest fishing trawler ever to join the Irish fleet.

On display in the Centre there is a history in photographs of this industry and the people who helped shape it in Killybegs. Visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy a hands-on Bridge Simulator audio visual display in a fishing trawler wheelhouse, allowing them to step into the fisherman’s shoes and imagine the wonderment of the ocean and the skills needed to live alongside nature in ts true sense.