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What Our Visitors Say

  • Beautiful Work! Thanks for the tour!

  • "This place holds memories that go back well over thirty years. It is wonderful to see it alive again and even more wonderful to live in the Áras surrounded by the beautiful carpets made here. Thank you.

  • Lovely Guide, Interesting tour!

  • "That's a big loom!"

  • Tour was Fantastic!

  • Complimenti!

  • Great to be home!

  • Very Interesting Visit, Thanks!

  • Fabulous Visit, Good luck with your business & the making of carpets!

  • "Great to see the Carpets going from design to creation!"

  • A very amazing tour & very interesting!

  • Congratulations! Everyone Wins - long live Donegal Carpets! Thank You! David & E. Boyle!

  • Thank you so very much Derek for showing us round my great grandpa's factory. So Fantastic! We will be back - look out for Ron Morton!!!!

  • "Great Fun on the Simulator"

  • Merci Beaucoup !!!

  • Very Interesting !

  • Fascinating!